About Battenfeld Technologies

Battenfeld is the industry leading manufacturer of shooting, reloading, gunsmithing and gun cleaning supplies.

We produce innovative, top quality products under the brands consumers recognize and have learned to trust. Our Engineering staff is dedicated to delivering superior products through an intensive ISO 9001:2000 process. With great retail packaging, an aggressive advertising campaign and a professional staff focused on customer service Battenfeld is committed to excellence and eager to earn your business.

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Caldwell® Shooting Supplies

Caldwell Shooting Supplies are engineered with innovative designs and steadfast performance specifications for the most discriminating shooters in mind. Our products are created specifically with the needs of a shooter in mind-by a team of experienced shooters. When you head for the range to sight in, do some target practicing, develop load testing or for some serious shooting, you only need to remember one name - Caldwell. From targets and target stands to Rock Solid shooting rests, Caldwell has all your range equipment needs.

Wheeler® Engineering Gunsmithing Supplies

Gunsmiths around the world require tools that offer quality, innovation and years of dependable service - at a fair price. Wheeler tools are extremely high quality and most are priced below similar products, making them affordable for both the professional gunsmith and the home do-it-yourselfer. Because of this dedication to quality, service and value, the folks at Wheeler Engineering are committed to meeting the expectations of all gunsmiths- professional, amateur and student alike.

Tipton® Gun Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning and maintaining !rearms is either a passion or a chore, depending on your perspective. In either case, the Tipton line of cleaning products is designed to make the job faster and more convenient. With more attention being paid to cleaning and maintaining !rearms than ever before, there is clear need for tools and fixtures to enhance the cleaning process. The folks at Tipton are here to help and they want to remind you that no shooting session is complete until the guns are properly cleaned.

Frankford Arsenal® Reloading Tools

There are few veteran reloaders who are not familiar with the famous initials "FA" on military 30/06 brass- and for good reason. The original Frankford Arsenal Army Ammunition Plant was constructed between 1816 and 1830. In addition to massive small arms ammunition production, Frankford Arsenal was responsible for almost all of the research and development and manufacture of U.S. Army held reloading equipment for the 45/70, 50/70, 30/40 Krag and 30/06 - beginning in the 1880's. Today, Battenfeld carries on that same spirit through our branded Frankford Arsenal reloading products. By offering well-designed and quality products, we have reestablished Frankford Arsenal as one of the world's leading brands of metallic reloading equipment in hopes of preserving this famous name.

Bog Pod®

BOGgear has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality shooting sticks and related accessories for use in hunting, photography and videography since 2006. BOG-POD branded products have become the standard for quality and durability in monopods, bipods and tripods. The innovative Switcheroo “quick change system” provides unmatched versatility across the entire line. Choose the brand that’s trusted by more industry professionals than any other, choose BOG-POD!

Lockdown® Vault Accessories

LOCKDOWN is the most comprehensive line of vault accessories available today. Featuring a wide variety of items designed to enhance organization, control climate and generally i prove the usability of your vault have all come together under this exciting new brand. The vision behind LOCKDOWN is to significantly enhance the organization and accessibility of items inside any vault and to ensure their condition is preserved. A commitment to high quality, innovative products sets LOCKDOWN apart from the competition.

Golden Rod® Moisture Control

GoldenRod has been the leading manufacturer of dehumidifier rods for gun vault and marine applications since 1974. A steadfast commitment to quality has earned its exceptional reputation for its products. The advanced design and construction of all GoldenRod products set them apart from the competition. You can trust GoldenRod to protect your valuables from rust, corrosion and mildew.

Hooyman® Premium Tree Saws

The Hooyman Premium Tree Saw is made of premium high carbon steel, Hooyman's MegaBite™ blade features a special four edge tooth design which cuts better than any folding saw you've ever used. Each section of the telescopic extension arm locks down individually, creating an incredibly sturdy extendible saw that can extend up to 5  or 10 feet. The extension arms on a Hooyman saw are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum in a super strong I-beam configuration. They are lightweight, sturdy and strong.

Non-Typical Wildlife Solutions™

Non Typical Wildlife Solutions is the most recent addition to the Battenfeld family of reputable brands. Our goal is to bring innovative solutions to the wildlife enthusiast and hunter. The flagship Hot Zone Deer Exclosure System is a state of the art electric fence system designed to protect food plots from browsing pressure during the critical establishment phase. Controlling when the deer can access the food source ensures maximum food plot production so that big buck will be drawn to your plot at the right time.


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