Extreme Sonic Cleaner

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The Extreme Sonic Cleaner takes ultrasonic cleaning power to the next level.  It has all the features of the EZ Sonic Cleaner plus the power of heat and increased capacity!  Perfect for the shooter with a lot of brass to clean and little time to do it.  Increased capacity will clean almost 3 times more brass and the addition of the heating function speeds up the cleaning process dramatically.  Eliminate the longs hours of cleaning/reloading and get back to the range with an Extreme Sonic Cleaner!

  • Tank size of 7.7" x 6.5" x 2.6"giving it a capacity of 2L.
  • Capable of cleaning approx. 350 pieces of .223 brass per batch
  • 100 watt unit at 42 KHz
  • includes removable basket for convenient draining

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Extreme Sonic Cleaner
Frankford Arsenal® Extreme Sonic Cleaner Frankford Arsenal® Extreme Sonic Cleaner

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